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Standards of Conduct

The AMIGOS Standards of Conduct are an integral part of building and growing your leadership skills as you assume the accountability that comes with being the face of our organization in host communities and while carrying out different initiatives. 

The Standards of Conduct come from many years of student experiences and recommendations. Understanding and upholding these standards will help ensure that you and the many AMIGOS stakeholders and future students will have the opportunity to safely and successfully complete the AMIGOS experience. AMIGOS Programs require that students act responsibly to keep themselves safe and maintain a strong reputation for AMIGOS with all of our host organizations, communities, host families, and other constituents in Latin America. The AMIGOS student will act professionally for the duration of the program. In all situations and environments while enrolled in the program, the AMIGOS student will act respectfully and will take into account the cultures, beliefs, customs and traditions of those with whom they interact.  

Students will review and comply with all of the policies and procedures of the program and abide by the AMIGOS Standards of Conduct. The AMIGOS volunteer will:   

  1. Be thoughtful and self-reflective when interacting with others. Be self-accountable for their decisions, behaviors, and actions and communicate their needs in a healthy manner. Take ownership for their health and safety and will avoid activities and or behaviors that may be detrimental to themselves, others, or to the program. This includes but is not limited to abiding by the laws of the country in which the volunteer is located, avoiding touching all animals, avoiding touching all animals and adhering to COVID-19 protocols such as wearing face masks, complying with mandatory isolation, or quarantine, if applicable, or adhering to social distancing when outside the pod.    
  2. Follow the laws of the host country and/or country of residence of the volunteer and in line with these laws will not use or possess any drugs that are illegal in the host country, your country of residence, or the United States.   
  3. Be conscientious of their surroundings and assigned work area. They will only leave their assigned work area and/or group pod once they have been granted prior permission from AMIGOS Program Staff.    
  4. Only be a passenger in a motorized vehicle (excluding motorcycles, ATVs, electric scooters, electric bikes and the like) and will not operate any motorized vehicle, including but not limited to cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, electric scooters, and electric bikes. 
  5. Recognize the dangers of firearms, fireworks, or explosives and avoid any contact with such thing.    
  6. Be respectful, courteous, and kind. Avoid any acts of harassment, aggression, or bullying, as defined by AMIGOS. 
  7. Not consume alcohol during the duration of the program.   
  8. Avoid the use or possession of all tobacco or marijuana products including, vaping, E-Cigarettes, cigarettes, edibles, or anything containing nicotine or marijuana.    
  9. Maintain platonic friendships and avoid any intimate or amorous relationships. This includes, but is not limited to, a relationship with any of the following: community member, Program Staff, or another student.