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Health & Safety - FAQ

What medical forms do I need to submit to AMIGOS?

You will need to submit the AMIGOS Confidential Physical Health Form which must be completed by a primary care provider, a copy of your volunteer's immunization record and COVID card, and the Health Update form. If your volunteer is currently seeing or has seen a mental health professional in the last year, you will also need to submit the Confidential Mental Health Form for each treating clinician (psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, etc). This form is available on the dashboard. 

What immunizations are required for participation in AMIGOS?

Please find a list of all required immunizations in your Welcome Packet or find it here: Immunizations Required for AMIGOS Participants (amigosinternational.org) 

Does my volunteer need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in AMIGOS? What about boosters?

 Yes, all volunteers are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, including all currently recommended boosters to participate in an in-person AMIGOS program. This includes a full primary series plus the latest bivalent booster released in the US in Sept 2022. For volunteers not living in the US, please reach out to the H&S Team regarding booster availability.    

How will I be notified if my volunteer has a medical issue while on an AMIGOS program?

 If your volunteer experiences a routine medical issue, like a cold or gastrointestinal infection, parents will not be notified. However, in case of a more serious medical incident, such as a hospital admission or surgery, the On-Call team will contact the parents directly. Information on any clinic visit (routine or emergent) or medical consultation will also be provided to families at the end of the summer or sooner on request, should follow-up care be needed. Details of this process are outlined in our Family Preparation Guide. Please take the time to read it once our Programs Team distributes it.   

How can I learn more about health and safety on AMIGOS programs?

Please read through our General Health Criteria, our Standards of Conduct, and our list of required immunizations. We will also send out a Family Preparation Guide, which includes more information about our health and safety systems and what to expect as a parent of an AMIGOS volunteer. Additionally, in the spring, our Director of Health and Safety will host a webinar for families. This is a great time to learn about AMIGOS and ask any of your health and safety questions.  

You can also contact our Health & Safety Screening Team at healthandsafety@amigosinternational.org   

What if I have a change in my health after I submit my forms?

Please contact our Health & Safety Screening Team at healthandsafety@amigosinternational.org  

Who do I contact if I have questions about my medical forms?

Please contact our Health & Safety Screening Team at healthandsafety@amigosinternational.org