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AMIGOS Rooming Assignment Policy

AMIGOS believes in the power and wisdom of all people. We embrace diversity at AMIGOS with respect to gender and we are committed to eliminating barriers to representation and inclusion. We strive to create supportive and open spaces for all volunteers. This policy outlines the options available for rooming assignments as relates to gender expression. 

During an AMIGOS program, volunteers and Project Staff Team members stay at various lodging sites and facilities, depending on the program. This may include hostels, farms/cooperatives, university dorms, hotels, partner agencies, and host family houses. At each site where the group stays together, volunteers are assigned to a room where they will sleep and store personal items. Options for room assignments include 1) a room designated for women or 2) a room designated for men.  

All programmatic activities take place in common areas. All participants are given privacy when changing clothes, using the restroom, and showering. Volunteers and Project Staff Team members are encouraged to choose the restroom which makes them feel most comfortable throughout the program. 

We recognize that Volunteers and Project Staff Team members may identify with one gender or another or neither. For the purpose of rooming assignments only, volunteers should select the room designation where they will feel most comfortable. We ask each volunteer to indicate their rooming preference in advance, during the paperwork process, in order to plan for trip logistics.   

Please reach out to our Health and Safety Team at healthandsafety@amigosinternational.org with any questions.