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Additional Costs of AMIGOS

We are proud to say that our program fees are close to all inclusive. However, to assist our students and families in planning, we are sharing a list of costs families always or frequently accrue in addition to the program fee. Many of the following expenses will depend on your individual situation. Do you need to get multiple vaccines or just one? Are you flying from a major metro area like Houston or from a tiny airport in Montana? Do you already have a valid passport? Do you have a backpack you can use or one you can borrow from your local chapter or a friend who loves to camp? Your responses to these questions, in addition to other factors, will affect the final cost of your AMIGOS trip.  

Always an additional cost:

  • Domestic and International airfare: learn more about travel support and flight cost estimates here
  • COVID PCR Test 72 hours before arrival: range from $100-$150 on average 
  • Notary fees: some of our forms must be signed in front of a notary who then stamps them. This ranges from $15-$45 depending on where you live, if your state charges by person or by signature, and how many forms you need to complete. A quick Google search can give you a better idea for your situation.  

Frequently an additional cost, depending on your needs and situation  

  • Airline unaccompanied minor fees (applies to volunteers younger than age 15 at the time of travel if AMIGOS does not have a waiver arrange with the airline provider): on average is $300 round trip  
  • Vaccinations and medical examinations: depends on insurance coverage 
  • Passport/visa fees: ranges from $110 to $170 (depends on renewal v. first time application, if you pay for expedited service, if you need a photo, etc.) 
  • Discretionary purchases in Latin America (i.e. souvenirs, food outside of meal plan): we recommend planning for $100 USD for all additional expenses for every 3 weeks you'll be gone 
  • Airline baggage fees: depending on your destination and airline provider, you may have to pay for your checked bag. This ranges from $30-$45 for the first bag.  
  • Additional travel insurance, if your family wants to purchase this: depends on plan 
  • Personal equipment (i.e., mosquito net, backpack, clothing): on average $200 (backpacks are around $150, mosquito nets range for $15-$25, clothes depend on need)