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Technology Policy

 AMIGOS believes in the extraordinary power of human connection to build communities. As humans, we are wired for connection and social interaction. Through our relationships and interactions, we discover more about ourselves. Part of the AMIGOS experience is developing powerful personal coping skills, making lifelong friendships, and learning the skills to become better communicators and facilitators. Youth are digitized out and will greatly benefit from the opportunity to be fully present to engage more deeply with themselves and their surroundings. We believe that the use of a screen, whether it be a cellphone or laptop or any other digital device, can be a barrier to a transformative AMIGOS experience.   

Learn more about AMIGOS Technology Policy here: AMIGOS-Technology-Policy.pdf (amigosinternational.org) 

Will I hear from my child while they are on AMIGOS?

Volunteers on 2- or 3-week programs will not have access to their phone for the duration of the program. Parents should expect no communication directly from their child. 

Volunteers on 4- or 6-week programs will have the opportunity to call home midway through the program. Therefore, parents may expect one brief phone call. Not all volunteers choose to call home at this time, so AMIGOS cannot guarantee this communication. 

How will I know that my child is okay if I have not heard from them?

The AMIGOS On-Call team keeps close tabs on the safety and well-being of all volunteers. If there are concerns for a volunteer's well-being or they experience a serious medical, mental health, or safety-related incident, On-Call will notify the parents directly. 

Are there exemptions to the technology policy?