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 A valid passport is required for all AMIGOS Projects. It is important to start the passport application or passport renewal process as soon as you apply to AMIGOS to ensure that you passport arrives ahead of your project start date. Please see resources below for guidance on the passport process.


Submitting your application directly to the U.S. State Department is the most cost-effective method of applying for a passport or passport renewal. You can read more about the steps to apply here:

There are three options for submitting your application: (1) at an acceptance facility, (2) by mail, or (3) at a passport agency or center. Where you apply depends on how fast you need your passport. It’s best to apply immediately after submitting your AMIGOS application, since passport processing times can take longer than the estimated times posted on the website. Also, estimated passport processing times do not account for mail delivery times. You can read more about the different options for where to apply here:, and you can read more about the different ways to get your passport fast here: Below is an overview.

  • Apply By Mail or Acceptance Facility: For routine and expedited passports, you can apply by mail or at an acceptance facility. Acceptance facilities will generally charge a $35 acceptance fee. 
    • Routine Process – Routine passports take at least 8-11 weeks to process, plus up to two weeks mailing time. The cost of the passport is between approximately $190-$234. 
    • Expedited Process – Expedited processing takes at least 5-7 weeks, plus up to two weeks mailing time. The cost to expedite the passport is $60 plus the cost of the passport. 
  •  Apply in Person at Passport Agency or Center
    • You can only apply in person at a passport agency or center for urgent travel, which is defined as needing to travel within 14 days. If you have not yet applied for a passport, your appointment must be scheduled within 14 calendar days of your international travel. If you have already applied for a passport (and have not yet received your passport), you cannot schedule an appointment until you are within 5 calendar days of international travel.
    • Urgent Travel Service – You can schedule an appointment for a same-day passport 14 days before departure. You need to call the National Passport Information Center to make an appointment with your local passport agency. If you can get an appointment, you will be able to get a passport within a day or two. However, it is not guaranteed that you will get an appointment. The agency opens at 8:00am EST and it’s best to call right when it opens.  


You can also pay a third-party company to expedite your passport. There are many passport expeditor companies, and services can cost between $400-$2,000 on top of the cost of the passport. AMIGOS does not recommend any particular passport expediting service, however, two companies offering some of the lowest fees in the market include:

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