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Panama: Valle y Veraguas

Project Information Packet (PIP)

Click here to download the Project Information Packet (PIP).

Project Specific FAQs


  • What type of mosquito net should volunteers bring? 
    • There are several different types of Mosquito Nets.   
      • Halo Mosquito net- One point where it connects to the ceiling. This can be helpful because you only need to connect it to one point.   
      • Pop Up Mosquito Net—Does not need to connect to anything. You can put it anywhere but it is more expensive.   
    • If you bring a Mosquito net where you need to tie it to the ceiling or wall, make sure to bring the rope to hang it up.  
  • Should volunteers pack their phones?
    • Yes, volunteers can bring their phones, but they can only be used during international travel days: when flying to Panama and when flying back to the United States. Once volunteers arrive to Panama, they will be asked to place their phones in self-devised locking Yondr pouch and leave with their personal possessions for the remainder of the project.  


  • When will we receive the travel/airfare information? When will we receive the travel memo?
    • The AMIGOS Admissions team will distribute the Travel Memo and your flight itinerary after all payments and paperwork have been received. These will be sent no later than 2 weeks prior to departure. 
  • Will our bags be checked to our final destination (PTY) from our initial point of departure?  
    • Yes, luggage will be checked from your home departure airport through to Panama City. Volunteers will not need to collect their luggage during their connection in Houston.

Health and Safety

  • Will quarantine pods be only inside or outside too? 
    • During the initial days of the project, volunteers will spend time in small groups, both inside and outside. They will interact will volunteers and Project Staff outside of their small group, but this will take place with social distancing and masking in place.