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Nicaragua: Nueva Segovia 

Project Information Packet (PIP)

Click here to download the Project Information Packet (PIP).

Project Specific FAQs

Itinerary and Activities

  • Is each volunteer assigned to one of the three locations or going to all three locations? 
    • The whole group will be traveling together with staff to each of the three locations. We start in Leon, then to Somoto, and we finish the project in Boaco. 
    • We will spend the arrival night and the night before departure at a hotel in Managua. 
  • Is there time to exercise, including running? 
    • Every day we have an hour of designated wellness time. This is usually earlier in the morning, and it is set aside for volunteers to do what they need to for their own mental and physical well-being. This may mean doing yoga, stretching, walking, reading, HITT workout, and running, among other things. Often the group organizes a Zumba class together or some other group exercise activity. We will make sure runners know where they are going and show them the areas they can run to ensure they do not get lost. 
  • Where will program participants be from? 
    • The Nicaragua: Nueva Segovia Project will have youth participants from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the United States.   


  • Is there more than one volunteer per host family? 
    • We will be placing 2-3 volunteers per family.
  • Would it be a good idea to bring small gifts for the host family to break the ice? 
    • We recommend bringing photos of your life at home to share with your host family. This is a great way to share something about yourself with your host family.  
  • Do the host families where volunteers stay have children?  
    • We try to place volunteers in families that have children. However, not all families will have young kids.   
  • When talking with host families and community members, are there any cultural or political sensitivities we should be aware of? 
    • Nicaraguans are very friendly and welcoming! We advise that Nicaraguan politics is an inappropriate and sensitive topic to discuss with locals. Do not talk politics with your host family or other community members. 


  • Can you send a link to a recommended Mosquito Net? 
    • There are several different types of Mosquito Nets.  
      • Halo Mosquito net---One point where it connects to the ceiling. This can be helpful because you only need to connect it to one point.  
      • Pop Up Mosquito Net—Does not need to connect to anything. You can put it anywhere but it is more expensive.  
    • If you bring a Mosquito net where you need to tie it to the ceiling or wall, make sure to bring rope to hang it up. 
  • Do you recommend pre-treating the clothes with insect repellent? 
    • You can pre-treat pants with permethrin. This is a great way to keep mosquitos away. In general, we do recommend wearing long pants, especially around sunrise and sunset as those are the times with the most bugs.  
  • Are travel bug wipes a good option or do you really recommend the spray? 
    • Both are great. Make sure it has 40% DEET, this is the most effective type of insect repellent whether in a wipe or in a spray. 
  • What are some things we should absolutely bring or not bring? 
    • To Bring:  
      • A hat! It is very sunny in Nicaragua and close to the equator. The sun is intense! 
      • LifeStraw—Highly recommended. It is a great way to stay hydrated and drink water from anywhere at any time.  
    • Do not bring: 
      • More than you need! You will have an opportunity to wash clothes every week. You do not need to bring more than one week's worth of clothes.  
      • Multiple bottles of sunscreen and bug spray. You will only need 1 bottle of sunscreen and 1 bottle of bug spray. If you want to bring more and leave it behind afterward, that is always welcome and we give it to volunteers who may have forgotten or need it.  

Health & Safety

  • Are you able to drink the tap water at any of the locations where we'll be staying in Nicaragua?
    • No, you cannot drink the tap water. We will provide chlorine to purify the water.  
  • Regarding the tap water, is it also necessary to close your mouth during showers?  Or not use water while brushing your teeth? 
    • Not necessary to close your mouth in the shower. We do recommend brushing your teeth with purified water.  
  • What happens if a volunteer or host family member tests positive for COVID-19? 
    • We have COVID protocols in place. We have more information in the Family Preparation Guide, which can be found here