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National Chapter Volunteers Traveling to Latin America

If you are participating in a project in Latin America, your domestic and international round trip airfare is not included in your program fee. Rather, you will be billed the exact cost of your airfare plus a $50 administrative fee. AMIGOS staff will arrange and book all travel. When you complete your Passport Information form on your paperwork dashboard, please indicate the closest major airport to your home that you would like to fly out of and back into by listing its airport codes (ex. SFO or IAH). Note that we try our best to accommodate each family’s airport preference, but your flight may be out of a different major airport in your area to arrange group travel. If we change your airport code, our Travel team will inform you.  

Once your flights are finalized, you will be sent a statement for the exact cost of your airfare plus the $50 administrative fee. To receive your flight details and itinerary, the payment for airfare and the administrative fee must be made in full.  

If you would like to fly out of and back into different airports, this is possible. We also can arrange a later return date from country for you. Additional forms are required for non-published program date travel and should be submitted by the Part 2 paperwork deadline. Please contact the Admissions Team at admissions@amigosinternational.org to discuss your specific travel-related requests. 

When you are sent your flight itinerary, you will also receive a Travel Memo, which includes travel day instructions. Please note that your flight itinerary is NOT your plane ticket. This itinerary includes the locator number attached to your reservation and the details of your flight(s). You will use this locator number to receive your physical plane ticket upon check-in at your home airport at the beginning of your trip and then at the airport in-country when you are heading home. You can also use this locator number to enter TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry by accessing your reservation on your airline’s website.    

Please see the table below for flight estimates: