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National Chapter Volunteer Refund Request Form

If a student fundraises more than their program fee total, they may be eligible for a refund of payments made by their immediate family in compliance with the terms and conditions noted in the Finance Policy. This refund cannot exceed the family payment contribution and must be requested by July 31st, 2023. If this refund is not requested, these funds will be converted to a general donation to AMIGOS. To request a refund due to over-fundraising, please email admissions@amigosinternational.org with a filled-out copy of the National Chapter Refund Request Form , found in your Welcome Packet. Over-funded accounts will be notified in the spring. Refund checks will be mailed the first twoweeks of August.  

Donations received after the volunteer’s payment deadline (either May 1st or June 1st) can either be converted to a general AMIGOS donation or can be refunded to the donor.