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4 min. readlast update: 10.31.2023

Will I get to meet my project staff team and the other volunteers on my project before the project begins? 

Yes, prior to departure, volunteers and families will be invited to attend a webinar that accompanies the "Project Information Packet". This project-specific webinar provides the opportunity to meet other volunteers assigned to the project, as well as the chance to meet Project Staff and learn more about the project. 

How many AMIGOS staff are assigned to each group of volunteers and how many volunteers are in each group?

The number of volunteers in each group vary based on project, but AMIGOS' target ratio is 1 staff member for every 7 volunteers.  

How can I find more information about what my AMIGOS experience might be like?

You can visit @amigos_americas on Instagram or read through field notes written by last summer's volunteers on the AMIGOS Blog!

Can I request to be on the same project as my friend? Can I request to be roommates or in the same pod as my friend?

You can request to be on the same project as your friend - make sure you both select the same project as your first choice! We cannot guarantee you will be on the same project as your friend, but we will accommodate the request if we can. However, we ask that you do not request to be in the same room or host family as your friend, as we believe that an AMIGOS program is the best place to meet new people! You will still be able to see your friend throughout your time with AMIGOS. 

What are sleeping arrangements like on an AMIGOS program?

Sleeping arrangements will vary by project. At some point on all projects, volunteers will sleep in a central lodging place as a group. At the group lodging sites, they will be split into dormitories by gender with anywhere from 2-10 students/room. On some projects, volunteers will stay with host families. At the host family homes, volunteers will be placed alone or with 1-2 other volunteers per home. The placement in the homes depends on the project. All host family homes are within reasonable walking distance from each other.   

Who cooks and cleans the facilities where the volunteers live in Latin America?

Group lodging sites have housekeeping and maintenance facilities that clean and disinfect surfaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, and shared spaces. In addition, most lodging sites have full-time cooks who will prepare meals. Volunteers may be involved with food preparation at select locations and are expected to follow rigorous guidelines for food preparation and sanitation. All volunteers are expected to be contributing members of the group and do their part to maintain a tidy environment. On projects where volunteers stay with host families, they will eat most of their meals with their host family or other community members who prepare each meal. 

What kind of service will I take part in?

This depends on the project you have chosen! Most of your service will be focused on learning more about your region and your project's theme. Some examples of service are harvesting produce on an organic farm, clearing trails at a national park, or volunteering at a sea turtle sanctuary. Check out volunteers' field notes from last year on the AMIGOS Blog for a first-hand account of some of the service you will be involved in!  

Will I get any free time?

Yes, you will have free time to exercise, read, play games, and get to know all of the other volunteers!  

What can I expect to take away from my experience with AMIGOS? 

While everyone's experience is different, most AMIGOS volunteers walk away with new friendships, an understanding of ethical service, and a global perspective. Many alumni take the skills they learned through AMIGOS and use them to support their communities at home.  

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