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Houston, TX

The AMIGOS Houston Chapter is part of a 13 Chapter Network that recruits, trains, and supports AMIGOS volunteers and families in their local community. Volunteers from around Houston train together as a group before leaving for their summer experience in Latin America or Colorado. Our board supports volunteers and families with group fundraising, service learning, community building, and overall preparation. Find the most up-to-date information and additional details regarding fees, fundraising, training, and the board at the chapterโ€™s webpage: AMIGOS Houston Chapter (amigosinternational.org) 

Training calendar

  • Bienvenida (Welcome Party): January 22nd, 2-4pm
  • Training 1: February 5th, 3-5pm
  • Training 2: February 26th, 4:30-6:30pm
  • Training 3: March 5th, 3-5pm
  • Training 4: April 2nd, 3-5pm
  • Training 5: April 23rd, 3-5pm
  • Despedida (Goodbye Party): TBD, tentatively May 14th 

Fees and Funding

The Houston Chapter covers program costs through a combination of family payments and fundraising activities. This approach allows us to keep costs to families low while teaching valuable fundraising and community outreach skills. Volunteers receive considerable help with regard to fundraising strategies, and the experience gained in this effort will build important skills!  

Letter Writting and Donor Contact

Each volunteer is required to send out 100 letters to family, friends, and other personal contacts to request individual tax-deductible donations (the revenue from this effort is pooled). Letters are written by the volunteer with considerable help provided by the chapter during the process. Volunteers may opt out of fundraising by paying the full family fee and fundraising goal out of pocket.