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Ecuador: La Costa

Project Information Packet (PIP)

Click here to download the Project Information Packet (PIP).

Project Specific FAQs

Itinerary and Activities

  • Where and when can volunteers expect to receive travel information from AMIGOS?  
    • For any questions regarding travel confirmations and itineraries to and from Ecuador, please email admissions@amigosinternational.org directly. You should receive your flight itinerary via email no later than two weeks prior to departure. For urgent questions on Travel Day, please contact the Travel Hotline for an immediate response at (888) 264-4675 (AMIGOS-L) OR (832) 549-0218.
  • How much free time should volunteers expect to have during the project?
    • Volunteers can expect to have very full, demanding days – so much to do, so little time! There will often be “free time” after dinner, for about 30-60 min, depending on the day’s schedule. Volunteers are encouraged to use this time as they would to relax and unwind at home – journaling, reading, exercising, meditating, and socializing with the group.   
  • How many volunteers are on each project?   
    • Each session has approximately 20 volunteers total – about 18 youth from the United States, and 2 youth from Ecuador!    
  • Will the group of volunteers be further divided beyond that group of 20?
    • Yes and No. The group will divide into smaller sub-groups for certain activities, breakout groups, and Spanish lessons, but will stay in the same location throughout the duration of the three-week project. 


  • When will volunteers receive their AMIGOS polo & when are they expected to wear it?
    • For National Chapter volunteers, AMIGOS will be sending the polo shirt to the volunteer's physical mailing address in May. For local chapter volunteers, polos will be distributed at a chapter event. Please be sure to wear it on Travel Day so that our staff can identify volunteers in the connecting airports (Miami International Airport).  
  • Should volunteers bring their cell phones to be able to communicate with families throughout the project? 
    •  Volunteers are not permitted to bring Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the program, except for a cell phone* to be used only during international travel days. This includes laptops, iPods, iPads, Apple watches, tablets, kindles, and any device that can connect to the internet. Volunteers are encouraged to use cell phones during travel days to communicate with AMIGOS staff on any pertinent travel updates.   
    • AMIGOS Project Staff will provide a laptop and camera to be used at designated times to take videos and make weekly blog posts so that families can closely follow the adventure back at home.  
    • Volunteers will not be permitted to use their phones to listen to music. A music player and speaker will be provided for volunteers to play their favorite music with others. Volunteers will not be permitted to use their smartphones as cameras, and as such are encouraged to bring their own camera if desired.      


  • Will volunteers have access to a kitchen if they would like to cook food? 
    • Volunteers will not be expected to prepare their own meals. Staff at the Rio Muchacho Eco-lodge will prepare meals during the first part of the project. During the second part of the project, breakfast options will be included during our stay at Hosteria Mandala in Puerto Lopez, while lunch and dinner will be provided by Café Madame just next door.  
  • What type of food can volunteers expect during the project?
    • Here is a statement of Rio Muchacho on provided meals: "We truly practice a “farm-to-table” dining experience… Each and every day, crops are harvested from the garden and used immediately for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is always a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies to make up the most delicious buffet feasts for all!"